How Often Should You Have A Hot Water Heater Inspected and Serviced?

Tips For Understanding How Long Before Your Hot Water Heater Should Be Inspected

With the new modern world needs, a water heater is among the most important and necessary equipment. Their use in various spaces is seen almost everywhere, including residences, offices, and industries. When it comes to the home, it is used for various purposes such as food preparation, washing, central heating, and so on. Aside from that, the primary function of a water heater is to provide hot water for showering.

Despite all these uses, many people overlook their water heater systems. As a result, it can stop functioning unannounced, given that it works nonstop to provide hot water without the need for a break. This is why you should regularly schedule maintenance by professionals. Nonetheless, the question of how often you should inspect and service your water heating system remains. Before getting answers to the big question, it is critical to know the signs of a damaged water heater.

Signs Your Water Heater Requires Servicing

Fortunately, your water heater will give you several hints whenever something is wrong with it, which is why you need to pay attention. If you miss any of these signs for a long time, you will end up with a huge problem, likely to cost you thousands of your life savings.

Low Hot Water Pressure

Often, hot water pipes will get clogged by debris accumulated from mineral deposits found in the water. As a result, water will struggle to pass through the clogged pipes, reducing the water pressure. Sometimes, cleaning the water before passing it through the water heater pipes can help reduce the clogging, but you still need to contact a professional for expert assistance.

Weird Knock Sounds

Because water heaters are not silent apparatus, they often make natural and expected noise while operating. However, if that noise begins to bother you, it is a warning sign that you must have it inspected for clarity. These annoying sounds might include Popping, knocking, or cracking and usually occurs when hot water becomes trapped under the mineral deposits due to excessive pressure. If this is the case for you, you can try to flush the water heater, but the best move is to call in an emergency plumbing professional.

Musty Smell

If the water coming from your water heater tank is somehow musty, it indicates rust or corrosion. While it takes many years before corrosion damages your tank full, it is good to take early measures. If not handled earliest, corrosion can cause leaks in the tank, something that can cause huge property loss.

Unstable Water Temperature

The water heater malfunctions after being used for a long time, and temperatures fluctuate. This could indicate an issue with the pressure valve or temperature gauge. Additionally, it could be caused by a leak in the water heater system. Unless you are okay with showering using cold water, this will bother you, and since it is an indication of trouble in the water heater system, measures should be applied. The best way to deal with water heater problems is dealing with professionals who know where to look and the signs of a damaged system.